Tips for Installing a Decks

Decks are a great way to expand your outdoor living space. They provide areas where you and your family can eat, relax and spend time together while getting fresh air. However, these are several tips to help you get the most out of your new deck.

Determine Your Desires

You should start by writing down your ideas about your new deck. For example, how large do you want it to be, what purpose will it serve and is it shaded or exposed to the sun? You may also want an outdoor kitchen or grill, a dining table or informal, comfortable furniture for relaxing. You will need to do some measuring outside to ensure that your available area is large enough for the deck you want.

Research the style of the deck and materials you want. Although most structures are built out of wood, you may choose composite decking. In addition, you may prefer a more freeform shape to the traditional rectangle.

Preparing For the Build

Because the framing holds up the deck, it is best to work with a professional contractor, so conduct some research to find the best available.

Then, move everything out of the way of the structure’s location. Remember that your builders are going to be bringing in supplies and moving around the area, so make sure there are no obstructions or trip hazards. Let your contractor know your preferences on board spacing and patterns.

Learn About Deck Maintenance

Decks, especially those made from wood, require maintenance. All structures require regular cleaning. However, wooden decks should also be sanded and stained or sealed every few years. If your wood is consistently exposed to moisture, e.g., if it is by a pool or in a humid area, you may have to reseal it more often. Ask your contractor about suggested maintenance.

A new deck can give you valuable opportunities to spend time as a family enjoying the outside. It will be a valuable addition to your home.