What You Should Know About Your Decking Materials

If you are looking for ways to add outdoor living spaces to your home, you are probably thinking about installing a deck. Decks are great areas for outdoor living rooms or kitchens, and if they are built right, they can be welcoming extensions of your indoor space. Decks are typically built using one of two materials: wood or composite decking. These are things you should know about a wood or composite deck.

Wood Decking

Real wood has an innate beauty that is difficult to duplicate. It has grains, knots and textures that are only found in these products. Therefore, they make a beautiful deck. Wood is also relatively inexpensive compared to composite decking. However, most wood decks require yearly maintenance, including sanding and staining or painting. This maintenance takes time and can be costly. Untreated decking can gray over time.

Cedar decking does not require as much maintenance as other wood types because it has a natural resistance to weather. Although some wood products warp and twist, cedar products are less susceptible to these issues. However, cedar is not immune to graying over time, so it does require maintenance.

Composite Decking

Although its producers are working to make composite decking look like wood, they have not yet achieved this goal. Composite decking products are expensive and still require wood joists. However, you have virtually no yearly maintenance. Therefore, although the initial installation costs are high, the long-term costs are low.

Even extreme weather doesn’t harm the structure of this decking. Unfortunately, your composite deck will fade over time, but it fades at the same rate everywhere, so you don’t have light and dark patches.

If you choose composite decking, research the manufacturers carefully. These materials are man-made and are susceptible to failure, but a reputable manufacturer has a strong quality control process and will guarantee their products.

Whether you choose to build a wood or composite deck, you should know what your initial and future costs and maintenance will be. You should also research the available options to ensure the decking materials will complement your home.