Modern Double Hung Windows Offer Updated Elegance

Double hung windows are a perennial classic when it comes to window design. This style of window has been around for centuries and can give your home a classic, quaint look. This type of window features an upper and lower sash (the rectangle frame that holds the window glass) and moves up and down vertically. Modern iterations can also have a tilt out design.

Windows that are double hung are what you generally think of when you picture a home. They have been upgraded for the time and have several important benefits.

Improved Airflow

These specialty windows can dramatically improve the airflow in your home, particularly if you have an older home without air conditioning. When you have both the upper and lower sashes half way open, it creates a recirculating effect because the warm air will leave through the upper sash while the cool air enters via the lower sash.

Energy Efficient

Double hung windows come in materials ranging from metal and bronze to plastic. Attention to precise measurement details ensures that these windows don’t have air or moisture leaks. If you get a double or triple pane option, it will further prevent air leaks and offers UV protection. A bonus benefit is a tax credit if you opt for windows that are certified by Energy Star.

A Breeze to Clean

The sashes on this style of window can be opened on the bottom and on the top. This means that you can easily clean your windows from the inside of your home by simply sticking your arm out of the opening. You can follow this same procedure for the tilt-out models as well.

If you’re looking to replace the windows in your home, double hung windows offer an affordable, chic, classic look without sacrificing utility. Contact a professional window installation service in your area to see available options and have them professionally installed.