What Will Window Replacement Do for Your Home?

Replacing a home’s old and failing windows is an improvement project that all homeowners should prioritize. New windows can make your home safer and more functional, save you money on your monthly expenses, protect your home from damage, and raise your home’s value.

Ease of Use

When windows start to fail, they may become difficult to open and close. Warping in the frame or damage to the sash may cause windows to stick. They may also suddenly slam shut and need to be propped open with something, which can be a very dangerous condition in a home with pets or young children. Window replacement makes opening and closing your home’s windows safe and effortless.

Energy Savings

Old and drafty windows will result in rapid loss of heated or cooled air inside of your home. You will have to operate your HVAC system much longer than necessary to keep your home at your desired temperature settings. Window replacement will make your home more energy efficient by allowing you to operate your heating and air conditioning for less time.

Protection From the Elements

Older windows can make your home susceptible to serious damage if there is a severe weather event in your area. In addition, they make your home more likely to sustain slow damage over time. Even a small amount of water intrusion through compromised seals could damage a window’s frame as well as the drywall of the surrounding area. The intrusion may also lead to mold formation, which can be a difficult and costly problem to resolve.

Reduced Insurance Premiums

Making your home less vulnerable to damage with new windows may make your homeowners insurance more affordable. Many insurance companies offer homeowners a reduction in their premiums when they get replacement windows.

Ultimately, all of the benefits of upgrading your windows will make your home more valuable. Get help from an experienced installer to equip your home with these important benefits.