Make the Right Flooring Choice


There are many options on the market for changing out your kitchen floor. The options meet budget, style, color and eco-friendly desires. The toughest choice will be picking one that is right for you. When you consider all of the possibilities, kitchen tiling may be the solution for the perfect look.

Cost-Based Decisions

If you are looking at a new floor strictly from a budget perceptive, using vinyl, linoleum, plank or laminate tiles or sheets would fit the need. These are manufactured products that can be designed to look more like a mosaic or marble tile. However, because of the synthetic design, they don’t look completely authentic. The bonus is their affordability. They do require little maintenance, unless a stain has a occurred. Spills need to cleaned immediately to prevent staining and the warping or denting that can be caused by water damage.

Glazed or UnGlazed

Two types of kitchen tiling include glazed and unglazed. They each have their own advantages and disadvantages. Choosing a glazed tile gives you a maintenance-friendly option. They can be cleaned easily by using a mop and some mild cleaning solution. Be careful when you are cleaning. Glazed tiles can be slippery when wet because of their smooth surface. Using an unglazed tile is not as slippery when wet, but they are prone to getting damaged more easily because they are missing the extra layer of glaze. Each tile option has its own aesthetic imprint.

Natural Material

Many homeowners find natural materials a beautiful choice for kitchen tiling. These might include pebble, quarry, porcelain or stone. They provide a authentic and classy look to your kitchen, and their textures are rough and durable. These can be more expensive options but yield gorgeous results.

Choosing the tiling material for your kitchen should consider your budget as well as durability and safety. Consult with a remodeling or kitchen specialist to find the best look for your home.

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