You may have never seen or heard of a double-hung window, but it may be worth your time to check them out for possible use in your home. This type of window is a significant improvement over the standard single-pane type window, and it eliminates some of the problems usually associated with windows in most homes. Featuring two sashes that slide independently, these windows have the advantage of allowing you to open two panes of glass at the same time. This flexible aspect gives you some benefits that are unique to double-hung windows.

One of the great things about the design is that it makes it much easier to clean both sides of the glass. You can clean both sides of the window from inside the house by opening one sash and reaching through to the outside of the other pane. This feature can save you much time and trouble especially in poor weather conditions. When you can quickly clean your windows, you will probably be more likely to keep them cleaner. As this habit develops, you may notice that more natural light can enter your home and make it a more healthy and friendly-feeling place. In this way, double-hung windows can improve the overall atmosphere of your home.

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